Treballant i escalant: llarga estada des dels EUA.
Trabajando y escalando: larga estancia desde los EE. UU.
Working and climbing: long stay from the USA.
Travail et escalade: long séjour des États-Unis.
“ We loved staying here for over a month!
The hosts were helpful and easy going.
There is a huge terrace for sunny days and plenty of nice bedrooms (and a bathroom w shower on every level) for larger groups it's great.
Nice hiking right out the front door and a perfect central location for climbing or exploring in the area.
Would recommend! ”

Country: Wisconsin, USA
Dates of stay: April 2022
Gran família celebrant
Gran familia celebrando
Big family celebrating
Grande famille en fête
“ Si decides ir de vacaciones, Caramasa es precioso, un pueblito encantador, ni hablar de que si haces escalada.
Nosotros fuimos en familia, disfrutamos un muchísimo, es cómodo, agradable, y ellos, Joan y Carme están siempre a disposición.
Muchas gracias por darnos un lugar donde disfrutar.
No te arrepentirás!!! ”

Author:Renee Analia
Country: Barcelona, Spain
Dates of stay: December 2021
Grup d'escaladors Anglosaxons
Grupo de escaladores de Inglaterra
Group of England climbers
Groupe de grimpeurs d'Angleterre
“ Spacious house in the middle of Camarassa with a barbecue on the terrace.
Great selection of fresh fish or other food in the near town Balaguer in Mercadona supermarket.
The nearest climbing place is only 5 minutes drive away with the most easy access to the north facing walls alongside this road (erased by airbnb) of all grades.
If you drink only bottled water please consider refilling your bottles in the local spring alongside the same road somewhere here and by doing so reducing plastic waste.
Wild swimming is possible in the nearest river ie. at the old stone bridge remnants, Pont de Camarassa (erased by airbnb) only a short walk away form the house.
We would suggest morning run/walk to the church, Ermita de San Jordi (erased by airbnb), about an hour away (one way is via a single track directly the church, other is via the road) and you will be rewarded with amazing views. ”

Author: Goran
Country: Exeter, Reino Unido
Dates of stay: October 2019
Uns avis amb um munt de néts
Unos abuelos con un montón de nietos
Grandparents with a lot of grandchildren
Grands-parents avec beaucoup de petits-enfants
“Casa acollidora, neta, amplia, i tranquila”

Author: Teresa
Country: Barcelona
Dates of stay: Agost 2019
Família d'escaladors de USA
Familia de escaladores de USA
Family of USA climbers
Famille de grimpeurs américains
“Camarasa is a very pleasant and scenic village.
Joan's house is conveniently located near the area's rock climbing
and was a great place for my family to base our vacation”

Author: Steven
Country: Wyoming
Dates of stay: June 2019
Grup d'amics
Grupo de amigos
Group of friends
Groupe d'amis
“ Bonita casa en un pueblo precioso con muchas cosas que hacer
y ver alrededor, buen precio para un grupo grande, muy recomendable.
Estuvimos en San Juan y quedamos encantad@s.”

Author: Maia
Country: Barcelona
Dates of stay: Junio 2019
Source: Google Reviews
Grup de BTT Francès
Grupo de BTT Francés
French BTT Group
Groupe BTT français
Grup de BTT francès
Grup d'escaladors de USA
Grupo de escaladores de USA
Group of USA climbers
Groupe de grimpeurs américains
“ Perfect AirBnB experience.
Easy check in.
Caring hosts.
Convenient location for climbing in the area.
House was clean, spacious, and well stocked.
Can't wait to spend more time next year.”

Author: Charles
Country: Salt Lake City, Utah, Estados Unidos
Dates of stay: October 2018
Grup d'escaladors d' Alemanya
Grupo de escaladores de Alemania
Group of Germany climbers
Groupe de grimpeurs allemands
“Eine perfekte Unterkunft! ”

“Die Unterkunft ist sehr gepflegt und ideal für eine größere Gruppe von bis zu 8 Gästen.
Die Vermieter sind sehr nett und zuvorkommend, alles hat, von der Buchung bis zur Abreise, perfekt geklappt!
Die Lage der Wohnung ist für Kletterer ideal! Ich kann die Wohnung uneingeschränkt empfehlen.”

Author: Juergen D.
Country: Germany
Dates of stay: November 2018
kayaking a l'embassament de Sant Llorenç de Montgai